Because it is the right thing to do. Asset managers are not required by law or industry regulations to use the templates, but it is considered a best

practice. At a recent corporate adviser event attended by a mix of consultants and trustees, 95% of the audience responded “YES” to the question: “Do you think a trustee would be in breach of their fiduciary responsibility if they failed to collected data using the IDWG Templates?”

We use the IDWG Templates for two reasons:

  • They were developed by ClearGlass Chairman Chris Sier when he chaired the IDWG for the FCA from September 2017 to July 2018. He is an expert in these frameworks and is well-positioned to support their use and implementation.
  • These are the most intensive and thorough frameworks that have ever been developed for cost and fee collection. They are designed to deliver unparalleled insight into the costs associated with the asset management supply chain, to the benefit of both institutional investors and asset managers.